Thursday, October 13, 2011

I hate new things...

SO I decide to try out bloggers new look/design thing, and holy shit what a clusterfuck. I don't know if I missed the simplicity of it, but in order to just change one thing I had to click 4 or 5 links. Screw that.

So I tried to change it back to the way I JUST had it, and now all the fonts and stuff are fucked up.

When I get this all back to the way I like it, I'm never changing again!

*shakes fist at blogger* IF I KNEW HOW TO MAKE MY OWN WEB PAGE!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

KNEEL BEFORE POD! - Episode 6 "Adventures in Balding"

Little known fact: Kevin and I are both going a *little* bald.

While shocking at first, time has healed insecurities, and we now take some time to discuss our own adventures in balding.


Yes, in this edition of Kneel, I will discuss one of the most idiotic embarrassing things I have ever done. I went to a hairloss clinic. An EVIL hairloss clinic.

Enough time has passed that I can look back on that moment of time and laugh. Shake my head and laugh. Get super angry, cry over lost cash.... laugh... sort of.

Anyways, enjoy. It was therapeutic finally getting it out.

And for anyone doing a google search on "MICRON LABS" or "MICRON LABORATORIES", give a watch... it will be very informative...

Balding is not a choice... but bald is. - Mystery