Friday, July 29, 2011

Episode 3 "Never tell me the odds!!!"


In Episode 3 of our continuing saga, we discuss how much Rita Rudner sucks, how much East Canada can suck, take a look at John's School project that dissects how much Transformers now suck, and then John and Kev fight over how much of Kev's time John should be allowed to suck up.

There's also a sneak peek at "Vancouver State of Mind" - the horribly embarrassing music video that will soon be going online... God help me.

Oh, and we also argue over John's insistence that the Yukon can never win the lottery.

Episode 3! Banned in GERMANY! - We have Ramstein (sp?) playing at one point... I guess that's a Youtube no no in Germany

Friday, July 22, 2011

Follower #4 on Twitter?!

Okay, Okay... stop refreshing the page, looking for the next episode!

You can simply follow all things House of Ten at!/NeoRutty

There... feel better? No more tendinitis from mouse clicks!

Ha ha. Delusions of grandeur.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Episode 2 "Where the Smurf is Hefty?!"

Yup, here's another Videoblog for ya!

Still getting the hang of this whole thing - and still some sound issues - but hey! I'm working on it!

Spent 3 days just trying to get this episode up onto Youtube. But I assure you, it's TOTALLY worth it. I swear. This is awesome as hell! We talk about Smurfs, and Predators, and Bill Watterson.

Yep. Hand to God. You could not spend your 24 minutes watching anything more interesting then us awkwardly talking about movies we like/don't like.

But hey, a year from now, when this is the polished diamond that I foresee it becoming, you'll have been there from the begining - watching it grow floor by floor like the "Tiny Tower" I'm building on my iPhone! (Have you played that game? DON'T! It's stupid and a waste of time.)

Enough babbling, just watch it already.

Gotta go restock the sushi place on floor 16. Tiny Tower is so fucking needy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Episode 1 "Oh hey, another riot!"

In the first ever POSTED "Kneel Before POD!" (we've been recording them for a while now) we discuss the Vancouver Riots!

Yeah, I'm not one to make excuses for my work (LIES!...I totally am) but forcing oursleves to stay on a specific topic didn't play well. From this post forward we'll be going back to just pointless conversation from now on. Also, since editing this, I've come across some new ideas for how to go about putting these together.

Should be cool.

Enjoy friends!